Monday, August 4, 2008

Tip: Improving Delphi Install Performance

From CodeGear DevNet #37542

Set a DWORD value named DisableRollback to 1.
Set a DWORD value named DisableAutomaticApplicationShutdown to 1.

Turn the registry setting back after you are done. Either delete the registry entry or set the value to 0.

The MSI-based Delphi installer uses a transactional database to keep track of its actions. This feature enables you to cancel and "rollback" the installation process, which means you can backtrack the install actions performed up to that point.

You can also use the same setting under HKCU, which will be applied in a per-user basis. Notice that this setting will affect *all* MSI-based installs, not only the help install.

DisableAutomaticApplicationShutdown (Vista Only)
This registry entry setting disables the Restart Manager, which tracks files in use during an install process. (On Vista-based install, this can cause long delays.)

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